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Leisure Home Products

Polymer Kits for Strong Homes in Mississippi

Leisure Home Products has two different companies under one roof, offering two different services to Mississippi's people for the last 35 years. Our services will help you build a solid and comfortable home. Armstrong Spas and Strong Homes are the two companies.

Let’s Adorn Your Dreams

We manufacture affordable hot tub spas and offer maintenance services. We offer overstock hot tubs, factory refurbished, used hot tubs, and scratch and dent hot tubs. We make all models of hot tubs and provide specific services. Also, we make its parts and customize spa covers as per your need.

Leisure Home Products

Unique Construction Method

We provide polymer kits for do-it-yourself home builders that replace standard home construction with structural integrity panels. Our fast construction methods reduce the labor cost by 40%.

We use low to no wood in the construction, and our houses made can resist high wind impact, resistance to earthquakes, and zero off-gases. We provide excellent engineering services and can also help you with licensing and permits for your new homes.