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We Build Better Buildings

Strong Homes is a Leisure Home Products division that offers polymer kits and consultation services for do-it-yourself home construction projects. Our engineering expertise allows us to develop certified house plans. We offer technical support for your construction project.

Guiding You Each Step

We offer polymer kits for home construction if you want to build a house yourself. We aim to replace the standard home construction model with structural integrity panels. We'll walk you through what you need to do. The kit helps you construct a first-class home. Our kit can be assembled quickly and is energy efficient.

Leisure Home Products

Zero Gas Houses

We're the only company that offers zero gas climate control grow houses, which can be used to grow any plant.

Mobile Roof Overs

Mobile home roof overs is used for covering your mobile home. The lightweight panels can be used on an existing mobile home to make it energy efficient.

Leisure Home Products